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Kaksha: Teaching

Under Kaksha, Sāraswatham imparts training in Bharatanatyam & allied arts to students of performing arts. Since its inception the foundation has established itself as one of the premiere dance institutions in Chennai. There is equal emphasis given to theoretical and practical learning, providing students a holistic perspective.

As part of Kaksha, an annual scholarship ‘Leelamma-Madhavi Bai Scholarship’ is provided to student of Bharatanatyam to aid them in their education.

Nritya-Bodha: Outreach

As a way of reaching to a larger segment of performing art students, practitioners and enthusiasts, through this vertical, Sāraswatham intends to give back to the artistic community. Workshops, intensives, immersions, field trips to art and culture centres of India, and talks are held at various times of the year to help enable learning the multidimensional facets of performing arts. These sessions attract participation from across the globe.

Another line of focus through Nrithya-Bodha is to present art forms from across the South Indian region with curatorial ventures and presentation of festivals. As part of this vertical, the foundation honours unrecognised stalwarts in the field of South Indian classical arts.

Samyama: Well-Being

With great emphasis given to the mind-body-breathe connection, at Sāraswatham, Yoga and Kalari are additional vehicles that support the flowering of movement, a journey towards the inner self. Study of text, subjects and practice of techniques that nurture the soul to self-consciousness is a movement undertaken at Sāraswatham.

Through regular workshops, sessions and talks by experts in the field, the foundation hopes to spread the knowledge and create awareness about well-being the natural way.

Keki: Performance Ensemble

Though learning is a never-ending journey, we believe in providing our students a platform to showcase their work and be part of an ensemble that enhances their performance capabilities.

The members of this ensemble are provided specific performance related training and are given insights into the other aspects of performance, including lighting, stage design, arts management etc.



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