Bharatanatyam is a way of life for founders Renjith & Vijna. This ethos is reflected in Sāraswatham Foundation, an endeavour they have established. Exponents of the Kalakshetra style, the duo have been performers, teachers and choreographers for two decades and have enthralled audiences across the globe. The team at Sāraswatham Foundation comprises individuals from varied backgrounds; who bring together their vast experiences and love for the arts.

Renjith Babu

Founder & Managing Trustee

Renjith’s Bharatanatyam tutelage began in Kalakshetra, Chennai, and was further mentored by veteran Prof C.V. Chandrasekhar. Renjith exemplifies the best in dance, yoga, and martial arts. His collaborations with leading artists have also resulted in the creation of some very widely appreciated productions. His creative works have been received with accolades like the ‘Yuva Kala Bharathi’ Award from Bharat Kalachar (Chennai), ‘Ujjayini Natya Puraskaram’, a Kerala state-level award by Gowri Creations (Kerala), the ‘Tandava Yoga Sundaram’ from Bharathanjali Trust (Chennai), ‘Natya Ratna’ from Trinity Arts Festival, Chennai in 2017 and Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar Award for Bharatanatyam in 2018.

Vijna Vasudevan

Founder & Treasurer

Vijna is an accomplished danseuse in the Kalakshetra tradition of Bharatanatyam, her lucid expressions and talent has earned her acclaim from several critics too. Vijna had her early training under Smt. Sujatha Chandramohan, advanced training with ‘The Dhananjayans’ and since 2011, has been under the tutelage of Prof C.V. Chandrasekhar. Good command over rhythm, great felicity of expression and pleasing stage presence are her forte. In 2006, she received the Sur Singar Mani Award from the prestigious Sur Singar Samsad, Mumbai, the ‘Lasya Sundaram’ from Bharathanjali Trust (Chennai), ‘Natya Ratna’ from Trinity Arts Festival, Chennai in 2017 and Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar Award for Bharatanatyam in 2018.

Ravishankar Sundaram

Secretary & Trustee

With 40 plus years of experience catering to different business & marketing challenges of strategic significance, Ravishankar has consistently grown in the Iron & Steel market of Southern India. What sets him apart is his personal commitment towards Indian heritage. This led him to start the Sri Sarvaloka Janani Trust of which he is the President and Managing trustee. Through the trust he works towards re-construction and maintenance of century-old temples across the Tanjore belt. With dinner discussions around Ragam, Talam, Vedam and Agama Shastra, Ravishankar believes that the Indian Classical Arts is the most enriching medium of education which helps an individual grow intrinsically.

CVD Shekar


Former Associate Director of ISB Centre for Executive Education, CVD Shekar has over 30 years of experience in various facets of selling, marketing & training, performance consulting and learning & development. His exposure to technology and his ability to understand the needs of organisation and the business growth objectives, places him in a unique position. The blend of hands-on-approach and the knowledge drawn through his working knowledge on diverse functions and industries makes him widely sought after as a consultant. An uninitiated in the field of arts, he brings his out-of-the box thinking to set strategic goals and implement processes at the Foundation.

Sujatha Sridhar


The Japanese language is Sujatha Sridhar’s first love. With a post-graduation from one of the most prestigious universities in Japan, she has dabbled in many aspects of the culture. From mastering the prestigious Tea Ceremony and Ikebana, she has in turn, introduced the Japanese to Indian arts and culture. Her 26 years of corporate life revolved around extending language support to Japanese engineers visiting India in various industrial domains. Post her professional stint, she took to supporting the Indian farmers to practice organic style of Japanese farming and been a representative of this practice in the global level. Her experience and multicultural exposure make her a sort after business mentor.

The dance is a marvellous art because it has not only to express the emotion of the mind but has also to express this emotion through the physical body. This is why I call dance, the music of the body.


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